About Rachel

I grew up surrounded by small business.  My folks had a mom-and-pop therapy shop (psychologists), where I learned the basic ins and outs of business bookkeeping.  Whenever they needed to learn something, they would bring in world-class experts to teach them.

(Learning from Masters would become a theme in my life).

When I was ten, I started my first business, selling candy to friends in elementary school, under the tutelage of my older brother.

At 17, I joined the Board for the Denver Win/Win Business Forum (bringing in experts to speak over breakfast).

I enrolled and hosted personal growth workshops. (Remember, I’m the daughter of psychologists – personal transformation is what makes our world go around).

I started my first “real” business at 24, when I realized that people would pay me to help them throw things away.  (This became ORGANIZEN™, one of the first Professional Organizer companies in Denver.)

Over 20 years in the field, I helped plan conferences, teach, and develop curriculum for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

I’ve started three Jazzercise franchises (one in France).

In other words, I have been in love with business for most of my life.

It’s now 2015, and after a few years off for family and babies (some of whom are now teenagers – eek!), I’m ready to get back to work.

Since I’m not sure what it will look like, I’m starting out how I usually do – by gathering brilliant people together and seeing what kind of problems we can solve.

Join me at the Coffee & Collaboration® Facebook Group page for event (and life) updates, to learn about (and share your) current projects, and to meet the brilliant folks who are out changing the world.

Love, faceshot



P.S.  Below is more stuff about me, if you’re interested…

In addition to her business ventures, she has had both a traditional and wildly alternative education.  In the early 80s, she was a student of Warner Earhard’s est, and went to many metaphysical and business trainings with her psychologist parents.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Fort Lewis College, and a Master of Science in Management from Regis University.  She has also Firewalked with Anthony Robbins, attended and staffed SuperCamp (the Learning Forum) and participated many times in Money & You: Management By Agreement.

She has served on boards for the Denver Win/Win Business Forum (no longer in existence), the National Association of Women Business Owners (in Colorado, Louisiana & Texas), and served as the Curriculum Chair for the National Association of Professional Organizers, developing materials that have become required training for those in the profession.

In addition to being mother to four active boys (18, 15, 12 & 10) she is a member of multiple organizations in her home of Sugarland, Texas.  Since marrying her chemical engineer husband, she has moved six times in sixteen years (one time to Paris, France).

She brings a wide variety of experience to all her business (and personal) endeavors, and considers twenty-plus years of reading Inc. & Fast Company Magazines cover to cover, another source of education & expertise.

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Helping Brilliant People Change the World